Not to give up!

I haven’t written recently, well I have a lot to say now!  I am still trying to strive for something better.  I wrote a book which I introduced before on my daughter’s learning disabilities and family life.  Well, I never sold anything, which is disappointing.  I had realistic expectations but still, some would have been… Continue reading Not to give up!


This is the question that I have thought of lately, Why?  While I watch segments of the news I see which has become the norm another protest in Washington.  Whether it is there or in another City or several it seems to be happening quite regularly now.  Usually it is about the present administration, however,… Continue reading WHO IS WORKING!

Award Shows

I did not want to comment on this, as I think I touched on it again. However, I keep hearing that for that people want to hear celebrities political opinions on these shows and it’s good entertainment. I highly DISAGREE! I use to look forward to watching these shows more so music and the one… Continue reading Award Shows