As we approach the second week of August, I can not believe how quick the summer has gone.  While we did do a lot of things, their are always some that we did not get too!  My oldest daughter who goes to school in the states will be heading back to school just under two weeks.  Wow!  My younger daughter still has a few weeks left as she enters grade 11.

While May seems like it was a long time ago, it really was not and went by very quickly when she first came home.  As we try to make the best of the next couple of weeks, I become reminiscent too.  We always try to make the most of it and make a schedule of what we want to do, along with spend good time together, however, there is always something left undone.

I know some parents can not wait for kids to go back to school, but it can be bittersweet as well as they get older.  I feel we are a fairly close family and enjoy doing a lot together which I feel fortunate about.  That being said, I know that they have to go out and carve their own future.  I am very proud of them, the people they have become and the dreams they have.  Sometimes it is true their does not seem to be enough hours in the day!

To parents out there, as summer comes to end, make the most of it and enjoy, also be safe!  My younger daughter and I, usually take her the last two years, but this time she go by herself, which is also sad.  As I make sure she texts every time she stops, so I know she gets there safely, which she is good about.  I know it will be nice having one on one with my younger daughter, I do miss when we are all together, especially when it is a couple of months at least before we will see her.

It also does not help that our weather has not been the best limiting outdoor activities.  Finally, we look forward to our final days of summer and when we will all be together again.  Also, I do look forward to see how their school year begins and where it takes them!

Hears to making the best of August and finding the most out of family time!!


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