To speak or not to speak?

Another celebrity is at it again!  When I heard that Johnny Depp has talked about assassinating the President, I was not totally shocked because it seems to be the norm.  However, it is still very wrong and inappropriate.  I do not care who you are.  If someone of the street says something like nowadays they would be investigated.  The people in public, just because they have a platform should still be more respectful.  Would they like it if someone threatened their family or themselves.  Of course not, and the authority would be called in to do investigate.

I realize people are still unhappy, but give the administration a chance and maybe six months have gone by but when you’ve been crucified left and right, it must be hard to take care of business.  Obviously, with freedom of speech, it is important to have an opinion but does not mean it has to be threatening and disrespectful.

Of course, he is not the only one at fault in the past months and ordinary citizens have also gone crazy.  I still do not believe that if they other side won, that people that did not vote go crazy like this.  Unfortunately, everyone wants to be able to state their opinion but it has to be politically correct.  Well, there is nothing correct about words from celebrities among others lately, nor is it right.

We have more important things to worry about like security, healthcare, education, natural disasters and maybe just good old fashioned values.  As far as I am concerned it is not the government that is making scary for our children, it is others!

Think before you speak or act.  I believe that is something we use to teach our kids, as well.  To have respect for ourselves and each other.  Also, with social media so popular I know I have told my children that what you post could affect your future.  Of course, it is not something I have to worry about with them but I still talk about it because of everything going on.  It would be nice if some adults would learn the same lessons.

I doubt it the way it is going, but we will see!


Stay tuned……


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