The Perfect Job

I realize there is no such thing, however, why is it so hard to find or obtain a job of substance.  I see a lot of positions but in our area geared to certain types of businesses(hotels, call centres, retail, restaurant, etc.). When I do see something of interest you need experience and certain computer programs, not the norm.

I started out with a Secretarial Course but after time somehow ended up in retail and now it is hard to get out of it.  I am tired of nights, Sundays and holidays plus unstable hours.  I have kept up with computer skills and assisted with administrative duties in my retail positions but still nothing.  I cannot even get interviews and when I do company seems to decide to go a different way.  It is very frustrating, why post ads if it is undecided!!  I am older now but that should not matter.  I see people of all ages but mostly young workers with not a good work ethic.  They call in sick regularly, do not leave work areas neat, talk inappropriately no matter if customers or management are around, some are not personable but work in the public, etc.  I could go on and on!

Therefore, I have also been trying other things like these blogs, publishing(as mentioned in my last post) and will keep looking.  I feel I have a lot to offer.  Along with helping to provide for our family, I want to put money away for my girls, not live paycheque to paycheque, but most importantly be there at night to help our youngest with school work. She is in high school with a learning disability and I have come to realize I am the only one that can try to help her improve.  Also, our oldest is in University and we are trying to renovate our house(long overdue).  That being said, I still want something rewarding and of interest.

It is very frustrating and I look every day.  You hear stories of people having success later in life(not that I am that much older).  Now is the time to do it, I have my own expenses, things I would like to do and do not want to miss out on spending family time.  The job I am in, I am also getting tired of for many reasons.

Here’s hoping for a better year!




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