That is the title of my book that I wrote and self-published, unfortunately, while it is still listed through Amazon and Kindle, it has yet sold.  I updated it once including the cover and still nothing.  I realize because some areas read like a journal it would not interest everyone, but I still put my heart into it.

The idea came to me several years ago when learning and discovering my daughter’s learning disabilities.  We thought it might be good to document the process and maybe put it into a book.  Therefore, I began doing just that!  I thought it might appeal to some and provide an insight to learning disabilities, parenting and more. The next step was to research how to publish, which I discovered was not easy unless you were known.  That is when I discovered self-publishing through CreateSpace which an Amazon Company.  They took you through step by step which was not too bad, just the format took time.  I printed a copy for myself and was quite proud.

However, about two years later discouraging results.  While my expectations were realistic, I still hoped that it would lead to something.  My goal is just to provide extra for my family, put some away for my children and feel rewarded.  I know it may need some work again, which I am open to.

It was brought to my attention when our youngest was in Junior Kindergarten.  She started speech therapy, but as time went was not retaining information learning.  After a couple of years was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and thought to have ADHD, as well.  That is when everything began.

It is challenging to help a child with a learning disability through school among other things along with attention for siblings, but it is also worth it.  I know it could be worse with health issues but this is what we have been dealt and we will manage.

I will keep my book listed to strive for more.  We as a family will get my daughter through high school and her sister through University!

Stay tune!!




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