Another remake?

I was just reading a view of a recent movie remade from a T.V. show and realized myself I had been asking why for the past two weeks.  I have heard of the movies that were released the past couple of weekends and some to come, with the exception of some family movies like Cars 3, there are other sequels coming out.  I actually did not see anything that I a mother of two have an interest in spending money.  I ask myself do people not like to watch movies of substance anymore?  Are there writers running out of ideas?  Do people just want to go see rude and foul entertainment(of course what I am thinking when you hear the way everyone talks)?

I am not saying that this applies to all but it certainly seems to be a continual pattern lately.  Of course, my big disappointment was a t.v. movie in the form of Dirty Dancing.  This is one of my favorite movies and of course, you can not replace original actors, but was a little of everything.  I didn’t find they had any chemistry, the extra scenes they added for backstory seemed foolish especially just to make it three hours.  Than certain songs were sung by others.  The icing on the cake was when they changed the final dance sequence.  It was performed slightly different and the actors sang the final song, “time of your life”, which I did not have watching this.

Why is the big deal now with remake all these t.v. series or movies now.  I am not saying some can not be tried or maybe have a reunion(if possible) or continuation.  It may work for some buy not for others.  If this is for the new generation, well my 20-year-old did not like it either. When so much ugly stuff happening out there and everything is expensive, we still like to be entertained and have a release.   We enjoy planning a night at home around a good movie or t.v. show.

Finally, try to be more creative, let’s face it some of the movies of 70’s and 80’s were great and had that routing value.  Not everybody wants to hear foul language every other word and rude behavior.  How hard is that to write?

Stay tuned!






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