When enough is enough!

When will everyone stops the negative discussions over the present Administration.  Why would anyone want run for public office when they and their family are dragged through the mud literally!   I realize things are heightened now than the past because of social media and other outlets.  Unfortunately, presidents (and politicians) have lied before, cheat on their spouses while running the country and not lived up to their promises.  Not that I believe everything of what is said is true about this present administration but give them a chance.  Let him(or them) get to running the Country!   I am not going to mention what has gone on in the past and all the shootings, etc.  It is pretty obvious.  We want our children to have a better life, to speak their mind and stand up for themselves but when a person says something that is supported, than backlash occurs.

Their are still are hard to find jobs(or of substance), food prices too high, tuition fees outrageous(especially for the education they are getting, but that is another topic), negative talk and violence.  It seems that not just the President but most in the administration have targeted, they try to drag up something.  I realize that if something is not right than check it out, but who do we believe!!  This bashing has gone before he took office but only worth.  They can not acknowledge when anything has gone right.

I do not even watch talk shows or awards shows like I use to because they show disrespect and negative talk.  I said it before that they treat Republicans like they stupid and worse.  Well my family is far from stupid, they have values and opinions.  They have religious beliefs and are about family.

STOP!! the ignorant chatter and disrespect and the let Administration do it’s job.  It is obvious that the Country  needed a shakeup.  We all talk about change and being politically correct but nobody can handle it!

It is a very scary world out there and this is not helping.  Talk about speaking one’s mind, politically correct, respecting each other, family values, dreaming, raising good children lately really seems to be out the window.

Protests(does nobody work), foul language(at protests, in front of children while shopping or anyone for that matter), comedians thinking they aren’t accountable and can say or do anything, backlash when another side does not like what you say, disrespect of a public official, being too politically correct, forcing people to believe what you believe, taking away religious beliefs and more.

Unfortunately, we have to put devices down and turn the t.v. off more and try making our own lives better as I can not see things getting better anytime soon.

When enough is enough! Things may not be perfect but maybe if we can take small steps to stop the negativity and lets start from the top to make things better one step at a time.

….til tomorrow, think positive and be safe!













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