My Daughter with Learning Disabilities

I still think back to when I was pregnant and how my it could have affected my daughter.  It probably had no effect from what I have been told except for being a little older.  She actually has struggled since her early elementary school years and actually was switched academically from ld to mild intellectual disability because of her scores and a lower IQ.  The good news is she is in grade 10 and working towards her high school diploma.  She wants to go to Collage, their are still a couple of things needed to be completed to get there, but we will do whatever it takes.   I am still trying to find ways to help her, unfortunately everything can be costly.

Medically,  her diagnosis  was with Auditory Processing and ADHD, she is also very shy in the beginning.   She is smart and wise in a lot of ways and has her own opinion.  She can remember what happens after she watches a program.

On one hand there has been lots of support over the years in the school system and compassion, but I also do not feel that they try to figure out ways to help her succeed.  Now this is not everyone, but now that she just turned 16, I feel like that no one understand that I still want her to improve and find new learning approaches.  You hear stories and programs all the time that children/teens succeed.  Of course, she has had some success. I feel like it is all on me to help her and find ways.  That being said, I feel bad when she talks about Collage and a career.  They have even provided us with an Agency that will help transition her into Collage or work.

I feel that because of the academic reports, they make you feel she can not function on her own.  Well, she can cook, does regular chores, loves fashion, music and gymnastics.  There may be struggles but we will do our best to help her follow her dreams!!

I wish there was more understanding and assistance to change the way students learn.  I can not always be there, even with her being on a special program, the comprehension is difficult. I find there should be more teaching the students how to study, more communication, better notes, etc.  They keep talking about preparing kids for University but I can tell from my older daughter that they are not prepared like they should be.

Keep dreaming!


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